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Welcome to the web site of author, journalist, fiction writer, playwright, and TV-film writer Jim Gerard. 

Here you will find excerpts from Mr. Gerard's books, Beam Me Up, Jesus, a satiric broadside against the Christian Right and their belief in the Rapture, and Who Moved My Secret?, a parody of The Secret. Both books are available from Nation Books at www.nationbooks.org , as well as http://www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.

Installments of his blog novel, DFA: A Blog About Life on the Baseball Margins, originally published on the Baseball Library website (www.baseballlibrary.com) also are accessible here.

Click here to view a video clip promo for Who Moved My Secret?:


Click here to view a video clip promo for Beam Me Up, Jesus:



Other things you can do:

    Link to Gerard's article, "How Learning to Play Jazz Piano Kept Me Sane" for Next Avenue at http://www.nextavenue.org/article/2013-04/how-learning-play-jazz-piano-kept-me-sane".html


   Peruse a selection of journalism from publications such as The Washington Post Book World, Playboy, Salon, and The New Republic.

   Dip into a chapter or two of the novel, Nervous in Manhattan, and excerpts from the books Celebrity Skin and Yankees S**K.

   Scan humorous pieces on a variety of topics, or editions of “News Up and Down,” a “reality-based” satirical newsletter that won Mr. Gerard a Pulitzer Prize for Fake News, as well as several National Nonexistent Magazine Awards. 

  An archive of the "Virtual Comic" e-newsletter-cum-cyber-comedy act. No cover charge. Two-drink maximum.

   Read -- in its entirety -- his dystopian comedy screenplay, "The Alienation Effect."


   Finally, you can glean excerpts from my unsold book proposals (that means you, Simon & Schuster).


The Gang of 60 refers to a group of comedians who met at the Parthenon in ancient Athens to trade jokes. My attorneys informed me that those ancient Greeks no longer own the rights to the name, so I grabbed it.

NOTICE: All material Copyright 2005-2007 -- Jim Gerard except for Celebrity Skin (Thunders Mouth Press), Yankees S**K (Penguin Group), Beam Me Up, Jesus and Who Moved My Secret? (Nation Books). All Rights Reserved. Should you be interested in using any of the material, in part or whole, on the Internet or in any other medium, request permission using the Feedback form, and provide as much detail as possible about the medium in which you wish to use the material.

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